Hi I’m Alex and I’m a Women’s Health Nutritionist

I help women balance their hormones post birth control
& boost their fertility

Are you experiencing:

Painful Periods

Low Energy

Mood Swings


Skin Issues

Low Libido


If you are, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been there before too – and I know what it feels like to dread your period every month. That’s why I now help women balance their hormones so that they can feel in sync with their body again!

My mission is to help you balance your hormones post birth control

Does this sound like something that you need support with?
Let’s work together so you can look and feel your best!

My Services

Want to work on balancing your hormones? I offer a 6 Week & a 12 Week Hormone Balancing Program to balance your hormones post birth control.

For more general information on women’s health, please visit the blog.

For Services in Windsor, On.

I offer in person services at Valero Wellness for those that are local to Windsor

Nutrition Moderation

Founded by Alexandra King, CNP

Do you have questions about our services or how we can work together?

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